Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot

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When was the last time you ran your fingers over the sole of your feet? How oftentimes did your finger trace hard uneven patches of dry, dead skin, which more ofttimes than not attracts a lot of dirt in it is cracks?

Poor feet! If there is any humane organ that takes as much wear and tear it is the feet. First of all, it carries your weight. Then it has to negotiate the surface you walk on. Slip inside those dainty stilettos for the duration of parties or boots for the duration of treks or just normal shoes on a regular working day? How much time a month do you spare for your feet but Ped Egg a revolutionary way out? With Ped Egg, you may give your feet a sprucing up and a spa anytime you feel like, and it will not take you much time either.

Ped Egg is a window to that vanishing trick, that won’t cost you much, but will do a outstanding occupation never the less. Ped Egg is like none of those peelers or scrapers, which cause more injure than good. Instead Ped Egg come in form of an egg which is designed in such a way so as to slip and fit snugly into your palm, eliminating the chances of a shaky grip and consequently a wound.

In fact Ped Egg is completely safe form diabetics because it merely does away with the possibleness of a wound. It is designed to be 100 per cent safe. What with the 135 stainless steel files placed at a strategic angle so they may scrape even the toughest calluses on your foot with the simplest of ease. And do not be shocked to see not one thing on the floor, when you reach out to clear the dust or the crushed remains of your calluses. Voila! Ped Egg is almost like magic. What Ped Egg genuinely does is catch the shavings and remains and trap it inside the device so that it does not cause an unhygienic mess around the house.

Just think back as to how much you would normally spend on a pedicure? $25? $40? One simple investment in a Ped Egg for almost half the cash may make sure that you save a lot of cash which you would ordinarily on ‘Pedi curing’ your feet because a sturdy body fitted with stainless steel blades mean that the Ped Egg lasts you for a long, long time. Using a Ped Egg isn’t precisely rocket science.

You have used a cheese grater in the kitchen right? All you actually need to do is this. Imagine you foot as a block of cheese and run the Ped Egg over it gently and let the steel do the trick. A few minutes is all it takes to do the job. And with the arid skin collected expeditiously in the casing, you need not worry in regards to sweeping the floor for any remains. That has been taken care of too. Feet after all are what we all stand on. The fitter and more salubrious they are, the better it is for us.

Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot

The Deluxe PedEgg is the revolutionary foot file that you’ve seen nationally advertised on TV. It’s the most recent and most immediate way to make your feet feel smooth and healthful with NO MESS! The mystery is PedEgg’s precision micro-files that gently remove calluses and dead skin to give your feet the unbelievable baby soft look and feel that everyone loves. Two high quality emery buffing pads are included for the uttermost finishing touch. The distinguishable egg shape of the PedEgg not only looks great, but is ergonomically designed to fit utterly into the palm of your hand for easy and commodious use. Best of all, PedEgg has been designed to gather all the skin shavings in a commodious storage compartment permitting you to use it anyplace with no mess. You and your feet will love the new PedEgg! Includes 2 emery finishing pads.

Enjoy professional style foot care free at home with Ped Egg. Its precision micro-files gently remove calluses and dead skin to make feet feel smooth and healthful with no mess. Ped Egg has been designed to trap all the skin shavings in a commodious storage compartment, permitting it to be applied anyplace without worry. Two high quality emery buffing pads are included for the uttermost finishing touch, leaving feet baby smooth. The distinctive egg shape of the Ped Egg keeps it looking tidy as well as comfortable in the hand since it is ergonomically designed to fit in the palm. Ped Egg makes a outstanding gift for men and women.

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By Tina V.
In the last few years I noticed that my heels were getting dry and cracked (not acceptable in my book). I used all different kinds of pumice stones and creams with no real success.

On a whim I ordered the “Ped Egg”. I followed the instructions exactly and to my complete amazement, it worked! I saw a huge improvement with the very first use. Follow it up with pumice if you need to and some kind of creme or lotion to keep in the moisture.

I have to say that I was skeptical but am really very pleased and happy about the results produced by using the “Ped Egg”.

HELPFUL HINT: If you order from their website, they’ll offer you “Extras” and charge a ridiculous amount of money for each item. My suggestion is to do as I did and only order ONE Ped Egg (no extras). Because when you get the product you’ll find a leaflet in the package that offers additional Ped Eggs with FREE SHIPPING.

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5Better than my $50 diamancel file…
By B. Caruso
Ok- first of all I read the reviews here…

This is an amazing product and I hate to see that folks who aren’t happy with the decisions they made to buy from random other places are putting negative reviews about this product….(read the negative reviews…you’ll see)…

Anyway. I bought this at my local walgreens and it came with 1 pedegg and 2 emery “stickers” for additional smoothing action….And a little form to order more pedegg smoothing/sandpaper replacement stickers…

I have extremely callused feet – so bad that my calluses often make the back of my heels cracked and at right angles… I’d say the thickness of my calluses on the heels (where it is the worst) are around 1/8″ thick. Gross.

Anyway- pedegg made quick and comfortable work of removing those calluses and then I used my stand alone smoothing file to finish the job….

I was amazed at how quick and comfortable it was and a little horrified (and fascinated) by the amount of callus dust in the containment area… There were a few tablespoons… It was nasty BUT my feet look better than they have in 6 years of using Diamancel’s #20 file (which was close to $50 if I remember correctly)…. This clearly did it’s job…I washed it after use but I didn’t have to stop and rinse it and it showed no signs of “gumming” up during the first run with it- unlike other foot implements that I have had to bang like heck or scrub to finish the job…

And this product seems much safer than the typical callus shavers on the market (and not as scary in concept!)….

I don’t think the emery/smoothing sticker things are a big deal- for final smoothing I have a little revlon foot shaped thingy so I don’t have to bend more than using this pedegg for a few minutes (I have a screwy spine and a busted hip)….

Anyway- great product if you have nasty feet like me or you like doing the home pedicure thing….

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4WOW! I Was Blown Away!
By S. White
I ordered this product in hopes that it would help my poor feet. I was very close to taking a sander to my feet, but didn’t need to once I used PedEgg. One treatment and my feet are smooth and touchable again. I don’t snag on my sheets or bedding and I can wear sandles again without feeling embarrassed. I only rated this product a 4 because it doesn’t catch all the shavings. Infact, the shavings are like dust and the egg doesn’t catch them all. But I can live with a little mess and just put a towel underneath my feet to catch the shavings. It’s no big deal to me, but because it’s not true to it’s advertisement, I gave it a 4. This product is sooo worth buying, I would order another one without hesitating!

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Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot

Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot Image

Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot

Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot Image

Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot

Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot Pic

Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot

Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot Image

Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot

Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot Photo

Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot

Ped Egg With 3 Replacement Blades Foot Image

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